Fireworks for your New Year garden display.

Due to new regulations regarding storage of fireworks, from 2019 we will not be selling fireworks from any shop. Our fireworks are much larger than and more powerful than anything you can buy in the supermarkets or normal shops. To buy fireworks please email your order to us and we will deliver to you. Orders over £100 only. Orders can be placed anytime via email. We will deliver to you before the 31st December, usually on the same day you order.

To buy Fireworks you will need to email or call us with your order.

Orders over £100 only.
Delivery anywhere within 20 miles of Brighton.

Click on any of the fireworks to watch a video of what they do.

If you are further than 20 miles from Brighton delivery charges may apply.
We do not use couriers, all of our fireworks are delivered by our team who are licenced and insured.

Etna's Revenge £10

Fountain - Silver primrose, purple star white chrys. red star gold chrys. silver string chrys. yellow star laser.

Ritzy Glitzy £15

16 Shot - Red light tail brocade crown to red, green light tail brocade crown to green, blue light tail brocade crown to blue

Magneto Burst £15

16 Shot - Green tail spider king

Storm £15

Red Tail to Chrysanthemum.

Tequila Sunrise £20

16 Shot - Gold tail to blue and gold strobe

Bite Me £15

36 Shot - Red time rain willow, green time rain willow

Celtic Dawn £20

25 shot - purple tail purple peony, green tail to green peony gold strobe

Double Dynamite £30

25 Shot - Pink/cyan/blue/gold chrysanthemum bouquet

Colourful Palms £30

25 Shot - Massive colour tipped palm bursts with a silver crackling pistil

Magnificent 7 £45

35 Shot - 7 rows of 5 shots.FAN, Row 1,2 red tail red time rain willow. Row 3,4 green tail green time rain willow. Row 5,6 blue tail blue star time rain. Row 7 time rain tail gold crown time rain.

Triple Crown £45

30 shot - Titanium chrys tail to brocade.

Mish Mash Mini £35

100 Shot - Full of fantastic colours and effects including orange and blue peony, silver chrys, blue stars with gold glitter, gold palms, and crackling flowers

Threes Up £50

30 Shot - 10 rows of 3 shots. FAN, (Row 1,3,5,7 of green glitter bouquet, green tail silver coco and green strobe (3shots each). Rows 2,4,6,8 red glitter bouquet, red tail silver coco and red strobe (3shots each). Rows 9 & 10 together.

MesoSphere £70

49 Shot - Blue tail blue star silver fish, Willow to purple.

Oceanic £65

36 Shot - Gold tail to gold brocade crown

Quantum Power £60

36 Shot - Silver tail,red peony coco pistil, blue peony coco pistil, green peony coco pistil

Mish Mash £70

Best buy for a single New Year firework

100 Shot - Red tail & blue pearl, red tail to silver coco, blue tail to blue pearl gold strobe red tail to super crown, red tail to gold crysanthemums

Dye in the Sky £80

49 Shot - Green tails to yellow starbursts with red strobe and blue tails to blue starbursts with red strobe make this a really colourful firework.

10 Out Of 10 £75

Single Ignition firework with various effects

Go Go Go £80 - Sold Out

100 Shot - White bouquet to color flower rain.

Blitzkreig £100 - Sold Out

150 Shot - 30s silver willow with silver tail B: 30s green flash with gold flash tail C: 30s red flash with gold flash tail D: 30s silver flash with gold flash tail E: 30s brocade crown with brocade tail.

Bring It On £100

65 Shot - Red wave tail to red&green palm with crackling, red green yellow blue top time rain comet, red strobe blood red with silver strobe, pink lemon water green peony with white strobe, three step whistling, gold willow with white.

The Tardis £110 - Sold Out

100+ Shot - Green tail spinner, red tail to white strobe falling leaves, red crossette, green crossette,silver tail to silver coco, red to red+crackle, green tail to green+crackle,blue tail to blue+crackle, silver+crackle, silver spinner

Big Daddy £110

98 Shot - Blue and red glittering stars to red and silver crackling peonies,red and gold peonies with strobe to gold brocades with falling leaves and a multi-coloured multi-shot finale all with loud reports

Fan-Tastic £110

103 Shot - silver serpent tails, glittering palms, silver glitter and red strobe and includes a jaw dropping finale of THREE hits of fanned brocade mine to brocade crown followed by titanium chrysanthemum mine to titanium chrysanthemum above !!

Meteor Rocket £20

Huge 3" ball head rocket

Messenger Rocket £30

4" Ball head rocket - The largest rockets allowed by law!!

Titanium Rocket Pack £20

5 Pack of large rockets

Large Sparklers £2

Pack of 5 Large gold sparklers

BrightFire Pyrotechnics - SFX for TV and Film

Experts in SFX, Explosives, Car builds and Science & Engineering in TV

We have provided SFX for all of the major TV production companies and channels including; Amazon, BBC, ITV, Discovery, Channel 4 and many more. We are the SFX team behind Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Professional Firework Displays

We specialise in firework displays to music

BrightFire Pyrotechnics is an award winning firework display company that specialises in firework displays to music. We fire dozens of displays every year all over the country. With our digital wireless firing systems we choreograph our displays to music. Firework displays start from £2,500 + VAT