We are sad to say The Nevill Fireworks will not take place again.
But you can still buy really good fireworks from us.
Place your order via email and we'll deliver them to you.

We stock good range of consumer fireworks that we also use in our professional displays
click here to view them all and email your order to us.

To buy Fireworks you will need to email or call us with your order.

Orders over £80 only.
Delivery anywhere within 10 miles of Brighton.

If you are further than 10 miles from Brighton delivery charges may apply.
We do not use couriers, all of our fireworks are delivered by our team who are licenced and insured.


These are the best type of firework for a New Year display. You light one fuse, stand back and enjoy the display. It's a display in a box.


We stock the largest rockets allowed by law a 4" ball head rocket. These are 1.3G fireworks and can only be delivered by us.

Firework Selections

If you don't know what fireworks you want, let us choose for you. Email us your budget and we'll make the best selection for you.

BrightFire Pyrotechnics - SFX for TV and Film

Experts in SFX, Explosives, Car builds and Science & Engineering in TV

We have provided SFX for all of the major TV production companies and channels including; Amazon, BBC, ITV, Discovery, Channel 4 and many more. We are the SFX team behind Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Professional Firework Displays

We specialise in firework displays to music

We are an award winning firework display company, BrightFire Pyrotechnics. We fire dozens of displays every year, all over the country. With our digital wireless firing systems we choreograph our displays to music. Firework displays start from £2,500 + VAT